Robert Thompson

Web Developer of Thinkany & Collaborator with Joyage Studio

I was transported from my birthplace (Arcadia, CA) at the age of two and called my “home” Colorado for practically my entire life. I was the byproduct of a divided house and because of that was able to spend some of my youthful summer months as a visitor to the state of California. Every visit ended the same way for me, with a strong undeniable desire to live in California permanently. It took me quite some time (more than I care to admit here because … Google, and most people still think I look young so I would hate to ruin their much appreciated idea about me) but I finally made California my home in 2018. I still love you Colorado!

Prior to departing Colorado, I was part of an amazing team of designers who just so happened to need a developer to assist in making their designs interactive for the web. We ran a small studio for ten years which ended when I departed from Denver for Los Angeles. During that time I was able to meet and work with some incredible people which only solidified my desire to keep coding and making “cool” things for the web. One of those cool people is responsible for this site and if you like her, just know that she likes me, so I feel like that’s an honor in and of itself and hopefully speaks to my character!

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The greatest lesson I’ve learned (so far) in this life is that it’s not really about “what you do”, rather, “who you do it with”. For me, relationships are everything and spending time, whether it be working, or leisure with great people fosters great experiences and great outcomes. I always aim to do both.

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