Brand Identity & Logo Design Process

Our process at Joyage Studio allows you to infuse the joy of your craft and the passion you have for your business into your brand identity and logo design.


Free Discovery Call

During your free Discovery Call with Joyage Studio, we discuss your overall needs, vision for your brand, ideal timeline and walk you through our process. This call is an opportunity for us to learn more about each other and determine if we are the right fit!

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Customized Questionnaire

The questionnaire is a crucial stepping stone for us to understand the “why” behind your business and what makes you unique! It is tailored to you and your business, asking detailed questions about your company’s offerings, your goals, what motivates and inspires you and the emotions you want your brand to convey.


Project Kick-Off Call

The Project Kick-Off call marks the official start of the project where we go over all of the details of your project and get excited about this next step in your brand journey!

We discuss the questionnaire you filled out, review the project timeline and schedule meetings on the calendar to ensure we both have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed by.


Logo Sketch Phase

After thoroughly reviewing everything we’ve learned about you and your business we get to work sketching!

We will present you with 6-8 groupings of sketched directions, each accompanied by a description of how it represents your business, the feelings it evokes, and symbols it contains. During our call we will discuss your thoughts, make on-the-fly changes, and narrow down the directions together to your top 3 directions.


Logo and Brand Board Creation Phase

This is where everything comes together! We now refine and perfect your chosen sketch directions into two (up to three) fully-realized logo options for you. We present each option with a concept write-up, each logo option in both stacked and horizontal versions, as well as in various mockups, so you can envision the logo and branding in action.

Once we have perfected your logo, we will assemble its core elements into a brand board, allowing you to sustain your brand identity as you move forward.


Brand Asset Development

After a couple rounds of edits on the logo design, we are then ready to create any additional brand assets that your project requires, such as a website design, business card, flyer, sticker, social templates, and so on.

These become great tangible examples of how all of the brand elements can come together, so we require that there’s at least one brand asset created per branding project.


Delivery of Assets and Files

When working with Joyage Studio, we deliver the final logo files in high resolution as PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG, as well as the original working Adobe Illustrator files. This will provide you with file formats for the majority of uses you may need. Additionally, we will provide the final assets necessary for your custom brand assets that were included in your brand package.


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