Tracey Tassinari

Creative Director & Founder

Brand and Web Designer - Tracey Tassinari

I’m originally from the East Coast, but frequently struggled with feeling like there was somewhere else I’d feel more alive and inspired. After visiting Colorado in 2016 I had my heart set on moving here. 6 months later I packed my Chevy Cruz to the brim with belongings and drove with my dad (thanks dad) the 26-ish hours to Colorado.

After arriving, intoxicated by the mountains, weather, and people, I decided to follow my heart again by beginning a life of freelance work as a brand and web designer. By doing so, I had the opportunity to meet so many new and passionate people, learning that I loved working with those who had an unwavering desire to follow what brings them joy in life.

My Why

To encourage people to pursue what brings them joy, so that they can confidently share their gifts and feel connected with the world. Right now I do that by helping people with their brand and web design, but the possibilities are endless for what other tools or fields that I might explore in the future!


personal joyages

Living life in a more sustainable and environmentally focused way, exploring new ways to creatively express myself, and of course, running Joyage Studio.