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Meaning of joyage

A Joyage is the impactful journey and consequential feeling you get when pursuing your deepest joys and passion in life.

The Backstory

I’m a firm believer that fulfillment, growth and change come from being uncomfortable, following your heart and trusting your intuition.

I learned this when I moved from CT to CO, pursuing freelance graphic design work and when I started to work with amazing passionate people with a story to tell and an unwavering commitment to their vision.

Joyage was born when I realized that the pursuit of joy and fulfillment is a voyage into the unknown. I want to work with those who are charting their own path – not because of profits – but because they feel so incredibly compelled to create.

Our purpose

the why

To encourage people to pursue what brings them joy, so that they can confidently share their gifts and feel connected to the world.

We do this by providing a down-to-earth, collaborative and thoughtful approach to branding and design services that reveals our dreamers and doers brand story.

Our Brand


Our identity is inspired by natural forces; when two tectonic plates come together at enough force over time, together they create a mountain.

And when two people come together, with unique skills, ideas and passion we can create a mountain range of possibilities together.

Our Values


The results from Joyage Studio would not be possible if it weren’t for the serendipitous combination of our expertise with your vision.

Collaboration is essential and we will never make you feel like we know what’s best for you. We work as a team to elevate your vision and goals. Period.

Our Values


It’s one thing to make something pretty and eye-catching; it’s another to have meaning and purpose behind what you put out into the world.

We bushwhack our way to find your true “why”. The thing that makes you tick and represents the unique path you’re on.

Our Values


At Joyage Studio we have a deep appreciation for curiosity and playfulness in our creation process because the only way to discover something new and unique is through exploration.

Our Values


We believe in self-development and constant learning, both professionally and personally.

One of our favorite things about being in the branding landscape is having the ability to learn about our client’s unique company and perspectives.

Our Values


At Joyage Studio we believe it is essential to be able to solve complex, limiting or unexpected problems with clever and convenient solutions.

No matter what restrictions one may have on budget or specifications, we will find a way to satisfy the criteria in a beautiful way.

Our Commitment

do some good

We are committed to working with those who are actively moving mountains to make a positive change in this world and will provide discounted services for verified nonprofits.

We promise to continuously educate ourselves on social and environmental justice issues and lift those who are doing the difficult and world-changing work.

Joyage Collaborators

Tracey Tassinari Founder & Creative Director of Joyage Studio
I created Joyage Studio because my "why" is to encourage people to pursue what brings them joy, so that they can confidently share their gifts and feel connected to the world. I crave working with all kinds of dreamers, doers, makers and any human that feels the urge to embark on their own personal path to joy.
Fernie Project Manager & Lap Sitter of Joyage Studio
I take my job at Joyage Studio very seriously. If there's a tight deadline, I am right there to sit on Tracey's lap so that she has no choice but to push forward and get the work done. And by work, I mean petting me. I am a little camera shy, but am not shy to voice my opinion on any important matters, such as deadlines, quality work and dinner time.
Robert Thompson Owner & Web Developer of Thinkany
There's a lot of science that goes into a rocket ship. For instance, did you know that they can move things in space via electrical current? Luckily (for me) web development isn't rocket science, but I do design things to rock at launch. I'm here to fuel your plans and see them through with my sights set on the stars and that WordPress admin control panel to help keep your stress weight-free.

Let’s make mountains together.

Book time for a free Discovery Call! We discuss your design project, answer any questions you have about our branding studio, and get to know each other to see if we might be a good fit 🙂