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Enchanter of design and messaging, bringing your joyage to life through brand identity, graphic design and strategy.

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branding, Custom Website design and graphic design Studio

We love making design magic with all kinds of dreamers and doers. From creatives and makers to coaches and wellness providers and beyond, if your small business is built on an inkling of joy, then we just may be a perfect match to bring your brand to life!


About Joyage Studio

Joyage Studio is a branding studio enthusiastically ran by Tracey Tassinari. This studio came to be after Tracey went through the process of discovering her “why” as a person and for her business, learning that working with and aiding those compelled to start businesses based on the joy they feel in doing the work is something that energizes and inspires her.

More About Us

Working with Joyage is like day dreaming with your best friends at the brewery on a sunny afternoon, but then actually making those dreams come true.

Tracey took the time to get to know me and my vision for my new company. I was truly impressed by her thoughtfulness and how she could take the things I said I liked and string them together into one cohesive image.

Working with Tracey felt effortless. It felt like talking to a friend. I was comfortable expressing my deepest desires and highest hopes for my business with her. I felt like she could see my vision and that she deeply believed in it too.

Tracey brought my vision to life in more ways than I could have imagined. Building a website with her pushed me to consider my own ethos and provided clarity and organization to my work in a way I couldn't have done myself.

I absolutely love my final website. It is unique and extremely professionally done. I get compliments on it all the time.

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