The pursuit for joyage

It all started as a pursuit for joy. The easier said than done feeling of following what makes your soul feel alive.

Background of Joyage Studio

Joyage Studio’s “Why”

After almost 5 years of freelancing and over 3 years (ahhh) of refining my vision and purpose, I am extremely pleased to present Joyage Studio to you. Joyage Studio is a branding focused studio that exists to invigorate humans to pursue their greatest joys in life…so that they can positively transform themselves and the world they live in.

We do this by providing a down-to-earth, collaborative and thoughtful approach to branding that reveals our dreamers and doers story and accentuates their unique divergence from others in the market. 

Naming Joyage Studio

When I first started brainstorming names for my business I knew I wanted the name to be a word that didn’t exist already. I wanted it to be something truly unique to me and my work and have the potential to grow beyond just myself.

I started with the most basic idea of it tying in with my personal name, specifically my middle name of “Joy”. Although unintentionally trending with Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” at the time, I did notice that the feeling of joy is something that I tend to always be seeking. How can I learn more about myself, be more myself, enjoy myself more and just generally pursue the things in life that bring me joy?

From there, I tried thinking about my perspective on branding and design: that every brand story is a voyage or journey into the unknown. You don’t just make it up and all is done…it starts from a core place of true authenticity and grows and evolves from there.

In the end, “Joy” + “Voyage” became Joyage

Joyage Studio Branding & logo

The Joyage Studio mark is is inspired by natural forces; when two technic plates comes together with enough force over enough time they create a mountain together. It’s layered, somewhat infinite, unpredictable and so reliant on the environment that surrounds it.

Likewise, when two people (or groups) come together, with unique skills, ideas and passion at the right time and place, they are able to create a mountain range of possibilities together. Additionally, it wouldn’t have been possible to get where you did without the other persons involvement.

With this idea of “forming mountains” together in mind, I then integrated a subtle “J” to the shape of the mountain to connect it with the name of the brand.

Joyage Studio offerings

You can confidently come to Joyage Studio for:

  • Branding

    We have an amazingly refined branding process that involves creating your logo design, asset creation (such as business cards or instagram templates) and brand boards to get you off to the right start (or restart) 😉

  • Website Design

    Offering a variety of packages to give you a “unique-to-you” website, created through an immensely collaborative process of content alignment, marketing strategy, wire framing, design and education on using your new website.

  • Graphic Design

    The world is our oyster! Hourly rates for any project you can dream up. I am specialized in campaign design, landing page design, print pieces, illustration, wedding invitations, sales sheets, car wraps and more!


I could ramble on forever, but if you want to get to know Joyage Studio more – go check out our About Page or Contact us today about your project!