Scott Wakefield

making creative leadership visible

  • Graphic Design


Scott Wakefield’s purpose is to make creative leadership visible, which resulted in the creation of his book “Leading With Your Imagination: A Framework for Creative Leadership”.

This project involved establishing a color scheme and typographic hierarchy, a custom wrap around book cover design as well as multiple templates for the internal page designs for Scott to choose from so that he could implement his own content for a more affordable, but still well designed finished product.

All illustrations used in this project are by Scott Wakefield.

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Maximized Design Impact; Minimized Cost

Because Scott had some experience with InDesign, I was able to design a variety of layouts and templates for him to choose from. He could then easily flow his book content into the selected design. This collaborative approach allowed me to focus on creating an impactful design without exceeding the budget.

My focus was on establishing a color scheme inspired by the colors used in his illustrations, organizing a font hierarchy, ensuring a smooth flow of the content, and creating unique but flexible content blocks to effectively showcase the teachings in Scott’s book.

Tracey went above and beyond to get to know me, my project, even reading the book. It leaves a stunning first impression and when people open it for the first time, they often comment on the way it is designed. Because of Tracey's design skill, the book design rivals traditionally published books in the genre.

Combining Art and Design

Since Scott is an exceptionally talented illustrator, it was crucial to include one of his illustrated characters on the cover. Not only are these characters skillfully crafted, but they also have a friendly and approachable vibe. We believed that this would make the topic more accessible to educators and leaders of all kinds.

Simultaneously, we aimed to give the cover a distinct graphic style that would set it apart from other book covers. This would also help convey that this book is more focused on education, rather than a book for artists. A multitude of cover design options were provided to ensure that we achieved a perfect balance between art and design.

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