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Finding heroes & rainbows in unexpected places

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Stacey is a “retired” MSW, part-time paralegal, part-time writer, and full-time mom to Skyler. Re-learning about the world through the lens of a parent and via Skyler’s experiences as a child with multiple disabilities reignited Stacey’s inner advocate and inspired her to write Sky Finds a Hero, a story loosely based on Stacey’s real-life daughter, Skyler.

Stacey endeavors to put good out into the universe, give back, find joy and gratitude – “rainbow moments” – wherever possible in order to ride out the difficult “raindrop moments.” This ethos in life is what inspired the design and inspiration behind the Drops and Bowtales branding, as well as children’s book illustrations brought into her book “Sky Finds a Hero”.

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I was continually impressed by Tracey’s ability to transform the beginnings of good ideas into imaginative, artful, and inspiring illustrations and designs. She is also skillful at more than design; she’s intuitive and a true partner in creating a brand.

Making rainbows out of raindrops

The name Drops and Bowtales was created out of Stacey Supple’s belief in the power of recognizing and embracing both of the “raindrop moments” and “rainbow moments” in our lives, so it was essential we bring in those visuals to her publication brand. Beyond raindrops and rainbows we also played around with visuals that brought in personal elements, like the letter “S”, books to represent Stacey’s creations and the concept of a house, to show safety and security.

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