Oasis Psychotherapy

Creating a safe space for the human experience

  • Branding


Utilizing a human-centered approach, Oasis Psychotherapy assists her clients with finding the answers within themselves by providing a safe physical and emotional space for them. We wanted to show this idea of an oasis with many ways that the logo could be interpreted by any individual.

My experience working with Tracey of Joyage Studio exceeded my already very high expectations. Tracey had more vision for my company than I did. She could take a simple image and bring so much life and meaning to it.

A process almost as cathartic as therapy

Being local to Colorado, Oasis Psychotherapy and Joyage Studio were able to come together in person to review pages upon pages of notebook sketches. We talked through all the different directions, took notes and put together additional rough sketch ideas during our meeting. We parted ways with a handful of directions that Oasis Psychotherapy was excited about.

Taking this personal approach (whether in-person or virtual) is an essential part of the Joyage Studio branding process, allowing us to collaborate and move forward in a confident direction!

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