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Lauren St. Germain helps other professionals navigate their career with confidence and feel more fulfilled in their everyday lives by addressing the intersection of life & career. Lauren understands that satisfaction with life doesn’t equate to solely just personal or professional goals and assists her clients in digging deep to understand all aspects of her clients.

Because of this amazing balance in perspective, the website also had to embody a good balance between professionalism and personable qualities. We also wanted to ensure any potential clients had easy access to Lauren’s free guidebook and many opportunities to schedule a Discovery Call and make the next step in their lives.

Tracey's work, on both my branding and website, brought (happy) tears to my eyes on multiple occasions from the first round of branding sketches to the final website reveal. She took my vision and truly brought it to life and I attribute that not only to her design skills but also her understanding of how the pages of a website function and flow together.

It all begins with an idea

An essential part of every brand and logo design project is the sketches phase – this is where I grab important key words from our discussions together and then explore how we might combine certain ideas to create unique-to-you visual representations of your brand story!

For Lauren, we were working with words like: connection, growth, acceleration, freedom, development, story, balance, clarity, and multifaceted. I take these words and synthesize potential combinations and visual metaphors, creating a visual direction that speaks to your most inner vision and direction of your brand.


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