Sherry Suisman

Making a virtual space for an intuitive mark maker

  • Website Design


Sherry loves every step of the printmaking process: coming up with a starting image, transferring that image to linoleum; figuring out what to carve and how to do it; carving; inking; and printing. She particularly likes mark making and doodling, the physical act of carving, and the push and pull between wanting to control the processes and learning to accept — and she sometimes revels in — the unpredictable nature of printmaking.

Sherry and I wanted her website to have the same experimental mark-making nature to it as well.

Tracey's ideas for how to make the website something special, and not just another standard Squarespace site, were much more than I was hoping for. I wouldn't have thought of doing half of the things we ended up putting on the site.

Website Design

From the physical to digital

I love working with artists because it is literal liquid gold being able to dive deep into someone else’s artistic practice and work with graphic elements that were hand made by the artist themselves. Sherry’s tendency towards organic patterns made for amazingly bold uses of her artwork across the entire site.

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