Light + Fit

Empowering women to return to the workplace

  • Website Design


With 1 million women from ages 25 to 54 having left the labor force during the pandemic (US Department of Labor), Light + Fit wanted to make a difference and help those who were looking to return to the workforce. They created “The Comeback” campaign in partnership with Dress for Success to offer women applicants the chance to win a 6-week program designed to jumpstart their return.

Strategy, wireframes and art direction for this project were provided by Urban Canvas and the design and implementation of the website was done by Joyage Studio.  Photography by Hannah Yoon. Illustrations by Michelle Pereira.

Custom Squarespace Website

Squarespace can be a perfect solution for your entire website or even just one-off campaigns, like this custom website build for Light + Fit’s “The Comeback” competition campaign. Within just a couple weeks Joyage Studio built out this website, utilizing design styles from their campaign designs to create a consistent brand image across all of their campaign assets.

Website Design

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