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Carissa Chandler runs a social media management business and is a dedicated outdoor enthusiast. Her clientele mirrors her interests, including operators of instagram-worthy outdoorsy Airbnb rentals, pet-oriented businesses, and photographers. Given the alignment between Carissa and her target clients, it was crucial for her branding to reflect a rugged, approachable, and outdoorsy feel, while maintaining a polished and professional image.

Carissa initially used a DIY Canva logo. However, she faced challenges in deciding on a color scheme, fonts, and overall brand consistency. Recognizing the importance of her brand, she decided it was time to invest as much into her brand’s development as she does in her business.

From DIY Canva to Custom Logo Design

Carissa initially DIYed her logo on Canva and despite its rugged feel, the generic tree icon and predictable green scheme lacked the upscale appeal needed to attract her target market, the luxury outdoorsy Airbnb rentals.

We created a pinecone mark for her new logo as a more unique, nature-inspired image. Pinecones are symbolic of growth, enlightenment, transformation and the pursuit of knowledge. TCC embodies these qualities by providing a wealth of knowledge to their clients, helping them grow their businesses and being a reliable and trustworthy extension of their team. We also utilized a color scheme of blue and brown that exudes a professional feel while still being rugged.

I really enjoyed working with Joyage Studio. I had a very specific vision for my branding and it came to life at the end of the project. Tracey worked with me to make sure everything was exactly how I wanted and made sure the project wasn't finished until it was perfect.

Brand assets

Carissa really wanted to see her brand mocked up for beanies and hoodies, so we made sure to include those as design options for her in the future. We also designed her some business cards as well as a suite of social templates for her to use and help keep her branding consistent on social media.


Website Design

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