The Meatball Corner

Creating a global meatball

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design


Meatball Corner was created to provide a global experience to its customers with their delicious meatball bowls and sandwiches, with sauces packed full of flavor. Inspired by ingredients from all corners of the world, including BBQ, Korean, Moroccan and Italian flavors.

Photography Credit: Lucy Beaugard

Working with Tracey to create our virtual restaurant brands was a fantastic process. Tracey is a skilled designer with a conceptual mind, thinking outside of the box to ensure that not only the brief is met, but that the finished result exceeded expectations and positioned our brands as best-in-class.

A sense of exploration

Just as your senses might explore the international flavors of the Meatball Corner…we also had to explore how to perfectly encapsulate the visual aspects of the brand. The idea of corners, quadrants, globes and navigation were thoroughly explored, allowing us to land on the perfect brand identity.

Website Design

Rounding it out with Instagram

To bring Meatball Corner’s branding suite full circle we created a 12 post grid to show off their worldly meatballs and brand story.

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